[Live] Blood Red Shoes at The Echo 05.27.14

This past Tuesday (May 27th), The Echo’s walls were shook all night, courtesy of Brighton’s Blood Red Shoes. It’s almost impossible to believe the British “garage rock/indie rock” band is simply a duo made up of Laura-Mary Carter on guitar and Steven Ansell on drums, while both contribute vocally. This is the band’s fourth North American tour, though this happens to be the most extensive one yet as they were able to add new locations to their repertoire such as North Carolina, Washington, DC, Wisconsin, and went as far north as Canada.

Their latest self-titled studio album is their fourth, subsequently the first to be released on record label, Jazz Life. The duo live and breathe the suitcased lifestyle, preferring staying busy with travel and gigs as opposed to being holed up at home in the U.K. They aren’t amateurs when it comes to performing at prominent festivals all over the globe, and balance out their stage time well with performing to an intimate crowd – the very same that was seen at LA’s Echo!

Opening up with their first track off their latest album, they did well in introducing their (live) sound to fans and new listeners alike. Ansell and Carter were gracious musical hosts and commended the venue for its close-knit quarters while still being able to be the big shabang of a headliner. “It’s nice to play a real show in Los Angeles,” Ansell explained, as Carter quipped their last show in the area last year had been in a church with seating. There were certainly not any viewers in the crowd who weren’t on their two feet, of course, excluding the few people who had toppled over due to partaking in the mini mosh-pit that took place in the little pit area in front of where Ansell was situated on drums.

They played old favorites and newer tunes alike, offering a variety of sounds: low to high, grungy to a little electro, punky to hard-rocked out. Even I was asked if the band really was “only two people??” Yes, believe it or not folks, they produce all that sound on their own! Just as the lyrics adorning the shirts in the merch area suggests, Blood Red Shoes is “an animal that can’t be controlled,” least of all properly categorized musically. If you want to see for yourself, just check out the range depicted from “I Wish I Was Someone Better” to “When We Wake” and “Sleepless” to “Black Distractions.” You’re welcome.

Ani is a twenty-something SoCal native driven by all things pop culture. Armed with a Master’s in communication studies, she spends her days analyzing her surroundings, enjoying live shows and film, traveling the world, eating pho, and being an opinionated individual. She also happens to be the biggest I Love Lucy fan of her generation.

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  1. abc says:

    Please credit photos you take from the internet! I know the person who took the photo of LM in Amsterdam. thx

    • Apologies, and thank you for bringing it to our attention. We do try to credit non-press photos and this was just a case of making a bad assumption that this was original photography. Since I can’t seem to track down the original photographers for either picture, I’m going to remove it unless you can help us identify who to credit.

      – EiC

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