[Video] Fucked Up – Paper The House

Fucked Up is a powerful gateway band — a band that serves as a bridge into new genres and styles. In this case, Fucked Up taught me to love growling hardcore music. It was something I couldn’t really grasp until Fucked Up paired the menacing Damien Abraham with heartfelt lyrics and soaring, ringing melodies. The most expressive and satisfying Fucked Up songs are the ones that contrast his vocals with something pretty — usually a shining guitar twang or Sandy Miranda’s backup vocals. 2011’s David Comes to Life was a masterpiece in this respect, a real beacon of punk melody. When you consider Abraham’s actually head for narrative and expressive writing, they’re a hardcore band that is easy to like.

This year, they return with Glass Boys and it sounds like more of what you need from them. This video itself isn’t anything extraordinary, just a document of their cool live show (the only concert where I get kicked in the head) but it serves as a vessel for this song and that’s enough.

Glass Boys is streaming now on Pitchfork Advance and is out on June 3 via Matador.

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