[Song] OB OBRIEN Ft. Drake – 2 On/Thotful

OB OBRIEN is probably being noticed a lot in the community for his remix on Tinashe’s song “2 On” featuring Schoolboy Q. OB OBRIEN got his good friend Drake to hop on the track because they’re friends and in the same crew, OVO (October’s Very Own).

Even though it is OB OBRIEN featuring Drake, it might seem the opposite way, a song by Drake featuring OB OBRIEN. This song is definitely a hit and has already had a lot of radio play. I think due to the fact that Drake is featuring on it and he’s been a very powerful artist in the hip-hop game recently. Drake gives his audience a mix of his rapping and singing which compliment each other in the song. In most songs, Drake never seems to let his fans down with any of his work and this song is a must listen, and if you have bass in your car, I recommend you put this on.

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