Humpday Treats Extravaganza! 05.28.14

Greetings earthlings on this marvelous humpday! Hope that we didn’t keep you waiting too long while Moxipop was under construction. Nevertheless as a reward for your patience please enjoy this extra special limited edition one time only HUMPDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Featuring 15 FREE and ABSOLUTELY LEGAL downloads.

1. “So High” (Kodak to Graph Remix) – Doja Cat

Free download via e-mail
Doja, doja, doja. This remix gives you access to the female rapper’s sly lyricism placed at the foreground of a killer beat.

2. “Take It” – Obeson ft. Chris Diamond

Free download via follow on SoundCloud
Featuring a re-work of Doja’s track “So High” paired against Chris Diamond’s angelic vocals makes this track by Obeson a chilled out trap anthem.

3. “Find You (Megaphonix Remix)” – Zedd

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Set to graduate high school next week, Megaphonix proves that true talent doesn’t have an age restriction. This remix will have everyone feeling as if they’re walking up to receive their diploma as well.

4. “H.W.G.A. (Original Mix)” – Zaxx

Free download via Facebook Like
This track by Zaxx will have someone setting the house party on fire, it’s that good.

5. “Freak (Protohype Remix)” – Lucky Date

Free download via SoundCloud

I’m not usually one to blast a dubstep song but this track had me reassessing my priorities in life.

6. “Sweetest Taboo (Flava Dre Massage)(Warren Xclnce Re-Work)” – Sade

Free download via SoundCloud

If you thought a Sade song couldn’t be any more beautiful, you were wrong. A funky take on a classic hit – this track is a sweet taboo.

7. “One Time For (Prod. Four Tet) – Rome Fortune

Free download via SoundCloud

A dreamy layering of Rome Fortune’s powerful rhymes and Four Tet’s melodic orchestration makes this song a must listen.

8. “Elusive Youth” – Elephant

Free download via SoundCloud

A hipster’s wet dream, the British duo Elephant prove that the male/female tag team isn’t only for fringe haired, purposefully awkward thirty- somethings. (Yes, I’m looking at you Zooey with two O’s)

9. “High Life” – David Bulla

Free download via Facebook Like
For fans of Avicii, Calvin Harris and Benny Benassi play this track for your edm loving friends and they’ll shower you with PLUR-like goodies.

10. “Next To You” – BeAle

Free download via SoundCloud

Vibe out to this hypnotic track but listen with caution because the beat will leave you in a trance-like state yearning for more.

11. “One Night” – Isosine ft. August Alsina, Lloyd, Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy

Free download via SoundCloud

Isosine proves what was once deemed as impossible by placing T. Swift’s vocals at a bearable range and volume in this brilliant mash-up. Paired against a rhythmic symphony this track is a must listen.

12. “Evening Stream” – FLVKE

Free download via SoundCloud

The listener is transported to a Tron-like video game upon listening to this track by FLVKE. (Disclaimer: Light cycle is not provided nor Olivia Wilde as your spirit guide)

13. “Come On To Me (Major Lazer vs. ETC! ETC!)” – Major Lazer ft. Sean Paul

Free download via SoundCloud
DJ ETC! ETC! released this track four days ago and it’s already received over 190k plays. Play this at your next family BBQ and you’ll be hiding your face from shame as your grandmother twerks over the picnic table.

14. “Knock You Out (Bombs Away Bounce Bootleg)” – Bingo Players

Free download via Twitter Follow
Bombs Away is on fire this summer with all these remixes and not just any remixes – really, really good ones. Peep this and it’ll probably blast your speakers out.

15. “Tugboat (Galaxie 500 Cover)” – Meursalt

Free download via SoundCloud

A true rebel’s anthem, the vocalist talks about his dream of being a captain of a tugboat and doing nothing else.  It’s a cross between The Flaming Lip’s eccentricity and Bob Dylan’s folk-like vocals.

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