[Video] Tom Vek – Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)


Tom Vek announced last month a new album entitled Luck, and this here is the first kinda-nuts video. What starts out with the aesthetic of a strange 1980s horror film suddenly turns into an all out assault of electro dance-punk. And it’s not done with effects and explosions or anything like that, it’s just an uncomfortable Psycho-like aesthetic and a ton of quick cuts synced up to the song’s core stabbing hook. It finds the creepiness in ordinary things, like the parts of hair, the backs of heads and dudes in tucked-in shirts.

The beauty of this video is that it feels like a busy, crazy experience but really it’s just a guy in a hallway and various types of lighting. There’s an award for music video editing, right?

Vek’s new album, Luck, is out June 9 via Moshi Moshi.

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