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For all of you that are sitting at home sulking in FOMO because we’re not at Coachella, happy reading! I figured if I can’t be there to witness the epic-ness, Instagram photos and blog posts will do. Now that festival season has arrived, we can prepare our eyes for some wild outfits in the upcoming weeks. Being a fashion lover, like many of us ladies and gents, means I get so amped to see the awesome looks people put together for these things… and just as excited to style myself. Let’s admit it, we don’t only dress for ourselves, but to look good for the people around us… am I right?

I’m a people watcher, so my observation skills are on point. What a better place than a music festival to witness a mini melting pot of people and fashion?! Depending on what your taste in music is, your style will most likely follow. There are a few different extremes of festival fashion that we can expect to see… Let’s start with my personal favorite: the classic flower child look. Cliché, maybe. Timeless, yes. Crochet, flowy printed pants, headbands, sunflowers and all of the quintessential 70’s attire has become a trend that came back, and has stuck around for the past few years. Vanessa Hudgens always kills the Coachella fashion game and each  year becomes an inspiration for my wardrobe.

Now that we got the light stuff out of the way, let’s talk costume. Festival go-ers use this opportunity to dress in full-on ensembles that are only “acceptable” for these occasions. I would say the step up after the flower child would be the girls in neon bodysuits, converse and let’s not forget, fannypacks. Oh, and they’ll probably have a ring pop in their mouths.

It’s always a kick seeing the people who dug through their old pieces from past themed parties. Masks, headpieces, wings, and pretty much anything you could imagine will be seen at the scene. Whatever it takes to get a head to turn will be done… and then some!

Then we have the ravers… Dedicated, heavy techno and house fans are stereotypically decked out in skimpy costume consisting of bedazzled bra-lettes, rainbow-bright tights, fur boots and tu-tus. I’ve always wondered why and how this became the look of this genre. Who made that a thing? I’ll never forget my first time at EDC in New York, which was also my first music festival. I had never seen so much color, tulle and fur all in one vicinity, let alone day. These costumes can be so intricate and involved to where I wonder how intense the labor goes into making them. The results can be mesmerizing.

We gotta say, it takes a lot of confidence to run around wearing threads us girls used to play dress-up in. To name just a few, Coachella, Bonnaroo, and EDC are not only music festivals, but have become cultural movements that are about more than just the jams, but an outlet for our generation to express ourselves through fashion and costume. The one’s who dress up in absurd, and almost annoying outfits are doing something right because they have us talking, and they have us looking. There’s nothing like good and/or bad eye candy, and we can’t wait to see what this years festival go-ers bring to the fashion front! Now, Coachella livestream.


Growing up on the east coast, Alexis was constantly surrounded by good music thanks to her parents. She was initially pursuing fashion and made the move to Los Angeles about a year and a half ago, only to realize music is her true passion. You can check out her Instagram for a hybrid of the latest music and fashion posts @DigginThis

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