[Song] The Kooks – Down

The Kook’s are it again – and this time patent channeling Alex Turner in their new single “Down”, the first single from the lads since 2011. In a sexy break-beat song very clearly of The Kook’s repertoire, the jangle rock hasn’t left – rather it has cleared the way for thunderous drums and cowbell galore.

The Kooks certainly haven’t lost the infectiousness that allows them to be heralded as perhaps among the best of the Mod/Brit/Pop sound – that should enough qualifiers to aptly describe them – it is, in fact, alive and well. This reviewer would even go as far to say that The Kooks have another hit on their hands, and thank goodness for that.

To The Kooks I raise a toast, even if the naysayers say that it’s an Arctic Monkeys rip (a premature claim for certain) for The Kooks are among few of the bands in the British rock scene that have kept musical integrity over the years whilst keeping it fresh. Radio friendly? Perhaps. Commercially satisfying? Sure. Consumerist swill? Get off your pulpit. The Kooks have forayed into a new foreground of sound, one that will hopefully proliferate into a “A” review from yours truly. Applause extends unto them for allowing themselves to be fresh in the evergreen sense, which can’t be said for many acts nowadays.

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