[Video] Coldplay – Midnight

Coldplay, I have to ask – are you trying to find that special something that makes you edgy? I’m sorry to break it to you, but “Coldplay” and “edgy” in the same sentence are entirely oxymoronic.

It’s not that I dislike any of your members, or wholly dislike your music, but with yesterday’s release of “Midnight”, just what exactly were you going for? Did you really believe pulling a Beyoncé was going to do the trick? Don’t get me wrong – I quite like the idea of releasing a single with absolutely zero context. It’s just, what the hell was the song and subsequent video about?

“Midnight” isn’t an altogether terrible song. Some sources point to the fact that it may be part of a greater musical scheme – perhaps a concept album or rock suite, as it were. However, Coldplay’s often futile attempts to rebrand itself after loosing a relative toehold in the U.S. and U.K. scenes in terms of credibility is frankly just too transparent.

Incredibly cryptic and bewildering, it sure does pique my interest. Here’s hoping that Coldplay doesn’t use their “We tried super hard to impress you blokes so accept us with open arms” card once again.

However, I love to be proved wrong. I do hope Coldplay’s newest album – assuming this is part of a forthcoming album, there’s truly no evidence here and now – eviscerates my preconceptions.

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