[Song] Bleeding Rainbow – So You Know

I brought you some guitar to start off the week.

In my mind, Bleeding Rainbow are guitar wizards. They don’t do anything fancy or innovative, but they always drive hard at something big and electrifying. “So You Know” isn’t a song that you would have a hard time playing, but you would probably have a hard time conceiving of it; they take intangible feelings and know exactly what simple chords will exorcise it from your body. Wizards.

They draw a lot of comparisons to the immortals of shoegaze and fuzz rock, but their appeal is wider than that. Dave Grohl recently brought up My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and the Mary Chain to talk about them, but really, even a regular old fan of the Foo could dig a song like “So You Know.”

Their newest album, Interrupt, just barely came out on February 25. Pick it up today and you can still pull off cool “You hear the new Bleeding Rainbow?” conversations.

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