[Song] Cloud Nothings – I’m Not Part Of Me


When I saw there was a new Cloud Nothings song on the internet, I was ready to post an opening line like “LETS TURN THE FUCK UP THIS THURSDAY” or maybe simply “RRRRRRRRRGGGGGHH”

But it’s a pretty laid back track. It’s still good punx stuff but it’s not the driving, noisy, thursday up-turning found on the killer 2012 album Attack on Memory. I know the idea of a “lead single” doesn’t make sense in non-pop contexts when everything is online and radio is dead, but I think this makes a great lead single. It’s appealingly melodic and full of writing and briskly paced like a Titus Andronicus song with more chorus and hook.

Their 4th album, Here and Nowhere Else (great title!) comes out on April 1 via Car Park/Mom+Pop in the US.

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