[Review] Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life by Graham Nash


In Graham Nash’s Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life, the seldom heard member of CSN(Y) divulges his own tales from a rock odyssey truly deserving of a memoir. Having been an integral member of both the British Invasion and the Laurel Canyon movements, Nash’s storied career is certainly ripe for the picking with telling anecdotes and the tumultuous classic rock tale.

From the stories surrounding his days of The Hollies to the apex of popularity at Woodstock, Nash’s incredibly candid personal tales are just as riveting as tales of fellow musical contemporaries, including Hendrix, Dylan, and Mama Cass. Wild Tales serves as massive insight into the Nash’s life, making one realize the massive pathos in both his character and song craft.

Wild Tales may be a slightly misleading title – it’s not that Nash’s own life isn’t exuberant in its own sense, but rather Nash himself has collected and experienced a wide array of tribulations and upsets. Wild indeed is the great passion that Nash contains to express himself artistically, constantly challenging himself to create. Self described as “a complete slave to the muse of music,” Nash’s brilliance is truly elucidated on page. In somewhat stark contrast to Clapton’s eponymous biography and the superb Keith Richard’s Life, Nash has penned a humbled less erratic memoir with enough substantiality for one to sink their teeth into.

Honest, poignant, and kind, Wild Tales is a required reading for the classic rock fan, as well as a greater understanding of an artist who truly values his craft above anything else.

Born and raised on classic rock and oldies, Jake Tully consumed music voraciously growing up in Central California. He has his wonderful grandparents to thank for his love of music, as well as the amazing luck to have seen hundreds of concerts in his lifetime. He considers himself an eclectic consumer of all media, and further reading can be found at his blog.

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