Around the Web – 1.24.14

Around the Web is where we see point you in the direction of other great conversations on the internet. Culture writing is never hard to find, and these are our favorite pieces from the last week or so.


  • Grantland: Lies Grammy Told Us – Steve Hyden, who is quickly becoming my favorite music writer, digs into the Grammy’s weird history with rap music. Can you imagine a world where the only rap albums to win Album of the Year were by Outkast, Lauryn Hill and Macklemore?
  • Stereogum: Album of the Week: Against Me! Transgender Dysphoria Blues – In his praise for the new Against Me! album, Tom Breihan starts off by taking his lumps. I always love the way he describes rock music moods, too: “full-on stomp-snort rock-star whoop.” 
  • Interview Magazine: Kanye West – Director of the Oscar-nominated 12 Years A Slave talks to Kanye West, and it’s a good interview and it’s kind of a relief to be devoid of any serious drama. It’s just friendly and interesting.
  • Aquarium Drunkard: Lucinda Williams – S/T Reissue – One of AD’s greatest values is his knowledge and understanding of music history, not just what’s hot & what’s ubiquitous canon. For someone like me, who only knows Lucinda Williams because young folkies cover her, a sharp write up like this is illuminating.
  • Village Voice: Why The Grammys Don’t Matter – You tell ’em, Nick Keppler.


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