[New Song] NO – Leave The Door Wide Open

The venerable Arts & Crafts is one of those labels that I will always pay attention to. Whenever they have someone new on deck, I’ll always give them a shot. This time, it’s NO, a six piece band from Los Angeles’ vibrant Echo Park.

Consequence of Sound debuts their new album single, “Leave the Door Wide Open,” and makes sure to note some similarity to The National. That comparison seems inevitable thanks to singer Bradley Hanan Carter’s deep croon. It’s also due to NO’s penchant for small epics and a sound that can only be described as indie rock. But I also hear some Editors in their songs, the way a sharp note cuts through like bright rays of light breaking through sheets of darkness.

“Leave the Door Wide Open” is a good example of that. “We make some noise inside a room and call it art,” is a pretty great and dour opener, but it’s not a song about defeat. More of a pep talk through defeat: “Don’t worry if it’s a cold night / we all go up in flames.” The way Carter’s singing voice shifts from The National to Interpol is a great juxtaposition of moods and sound. It gets downright anthemic 2/3rds of the way in with a heavier rhythm and a hypnotic, sprawling chorus. 

Their debut album, El Prado is out on February 18 through Arts & Crafts.

(via Consequence of Sound)

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