It’s 2014 Let’s Not Mess This One Up


Happy New Year y’all. Whether you watched a ball slowly lower in New York, or watched a guy with a projector at a park in Los Angeles, or you were somewhere in between watching some other mundane public spectacle, we hope you’re ready for the terror ahead. And who better to help us fight through it than the timeless end-of-year fight anthem by Mountain Goats?

There’s a high chance that every indie music-related blog wrote up a “Mountain Goats – This Year” post on January 2. That’s okay. This song is timeless, for everyone, and is worth a listen on every miserable morning. Some day, in a hundred years, this will be part of holiday music canon. They will play this at malls and in elevators. It will be the jingle bells for people just scraping by.

It should be noted that Mountain Goats leader John Darnielle is something of a Twitter wiz. Last year, he thanked everyone for attaching so deeply to this old tune of his, and this time around he had more of the same:

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