Around the Web – Week of 12.9.13

Around the Web is where we see point you in the direction of other great conversations on the internet. Music writing is never hard to find, and these are our favorite pieces from the last few weeks.

  • Noisey: Dear Men, Please Stop Explaining Rap Music To Women – Although well-intentioned, being An Explainer is very closely tied to being insulting. Madeleine Holden incisively cuts to why lecturing women on the misogyny in rap is condescending. It brings to mind a Ta-Nehisi Coates line about how rap isn’t more misogynistic than the rest of American culture, it’s just more profane.
  • The Awl: Could A Young Bob Dylan Make It Now? – It’s an interesting question with a lot of different answers. Matthew J.X. Malady, spurred by Tom Junod, mulls it over briefly.
  • LA Weekly: The Bad Religion Album Everyone Hated – When punk goes prog, people kinda get grossed out. Jason Roche and Bad Religion’s Into The Unknown.
  • Hazlitt: Xiu Xiu Finds Itself in Nina Simone – As someone who has struggled with Xiu Xiu’s grim nightmare soundscape, this was an intriguing piece. Chris Randle writes not just on the two artists, but on the nature of covers themselves.
  • Grantland: The Best of the Worst – Steve Hyden is one of the more positive, and illuminating, music writers out there but in this piece he lets loose on Nickelback, Seether & Buckcherry. He also bravely claims that while we can all agree Nickelback is bad, they’re not really as bad as people think they are.

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