[Song] DM Stith – Thanksgiving Moon

Between its questionable origin story and the irony of it being subsumed by consumerism, Thanksgiving has to be one of America’s most hollow holidays. It’s a much needed break and officially marks the season, but I can’t help but feel like we’re all just playing along at this point as we try not to argue with in-laws or wait in line outside Best Buy.

Plus, it lacks any kind of seasonal music. I’m a big advocate of Christmas, secular or not, due to its great selection of songs. I think I’d be less down on the TG if it had more songs like DM Stith’s “Thanksgiving Moon,” off 2010’s Heavy Ghost. It’s haunting and creepy and not very warm, but maybe that’s exactly what we need to commemorate the holiday where Native Americans hung out with Pilgrims and nothing bad happened.

So here’s to the hollow. Take care of your leftovers.

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