[Song] Pre Sleep Monologue – Mud

Bandcamp is one of the greatest music services the internet has ever wrought. Other than an easy and beneficial way for small bands to open up a storefront, it’s also a handy resource for discovering new music. In Bandcamp Notables, we engage in the time-honored blogging practice of spotlighting songs we found while exploring the site.

I’m always a little surprised when I find a non-American artist nailing a distinctly American sound. Pre Sleep Monologue is a raucous alternative blues rock trio from Shropshire, England. Their self-titled EP was released earlier this year, and it’s gritty with just enough mess on the edges to feel authentic. Their best song is “Mud,” which simmers with anger at first like a vengeful Fiona Apple song backed by Jack White. But the song is a shape-shifter, eventually morphing into a wildly swinging, mad chorus that has every member stepping it up to capacity.

It’s a stripped down song with bursts of big noise, but even the minimalist parts where it’s just vocalist Katy Caldecott singing over drums and messy guitar twangs sound like primetime rock & roll.

You can find out more about Pre Sleep Monologue on Facebook and their official site.

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