[Video] Pusha T – Hold On ft. Rick Ross

My favorite song on Pusha T’s debut last month is “Hold On.” The hot-off-the-presses video gets a lot right: the artful cinematic approach is a great fit for a song that reveals a lot of interiority. Seriously, watch it in HD. It straddles the line between motivating fight music and darker introspective work, and that tension builds a lot of drama. Positioning Rick Ross & Pusha T in front of some kind of meeting is a similarly good move. Not just on this song, but on My Name is My Name in general, he positions himself as a relayer of wisdom and stories. In the video you can imagine it any way you want — a meeting, a confession, whatever — all you need to know it’s Pusha T and Rick Ross with something that needs to be said and people will listen. It’s a song designed to give you chills and the video just gives it a boost. All the way to the end.

Also, glasses-free Rick Ross! He’s great here, he gets most of the heaviest lines and his voice clicks over the moody beat.

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