Around the Web – Week of 10.28.13

Around the Web is where we see point you in the direction of other great conversations on the internet. Music writing is never hard to find, and these are our favorite pieces from the last week or so.

Remembering Lou Reed 

Everything Else 

  • The Atlantic: 50 Years Later: The Greatest Beatles Performance of All Time – 7 songs for Swedish radio, months before their Ed Sullivan debut. Explored by Colin Fleming.
  • Under the Radar: Neko Case: Finding The Right Words – I’m a big advocate of Neko Case. If you’ve heard her new album (it’s good) this is a meaty, illuminating interview by Matt Fink. 
  • Noisey: I Went to a Drake Concert By Myself in New Jersey – A great, fun, deconstruction of Drake’s fanbase that will be equally interesting to lovers and haters alike. Eric Sundermann takes you along for the trip.
  • Rachel Maddux on Music Writing – Here, Maddux explains the mundane, lifeless grind that music journalism becomes. It’s a fantastic read and reminds me of this similarly distressed piece by William Bowers during Pitchfork’s anniversary. If you’ve ever wondered why we don’t cover every major news story, every blockbuster release, or have a blog instead of a news site a la Consequence of Sound/Paste/Pitchfork, this piece explains why. The need to comment on everything  doesn’t allow you to fixate on the things you love and pressures you to jump to the next hot thing and force yourself to have opinions on all of them. Not thoughts or insights — opinions. Not that we’re unique. The biggest music blogs are more like boutique publications than news resources.

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