Around the Web – Week of 10.14.13

Around the Web is where we see point you in the direction of other great conversations on the internet. Music writing is never hard to find, and these are our favorite pieces from the last week or so.

We haven’t actually done an “Around the Web” in nearly a month (!) so, in the spirit of celebrating good writing on the internet, we’re actually going to be looking at a handful of pieces from the last several weeks. Hey! I can change the rules any time I want to! 

  • Grantland: What’s With All These Open Letters? – Riffing on the Sinead O’Connor/Miley Cyrus open letter exchange, featuring run-ins by Amanda Palmer and Sufjan Stevens, Tess Lynch contemplates the strangeness of modern communication and how things blur between public and private communication.
  • Grantland: The YouTube-ified Hot 100 Is Definitely Broken  – With Billboard  now counting streams into their charting, some may believe the institution is catching up with the times. The esteemed Emily Yoshida provides a different perspective, that perhaps the way Billboard  is going about this is actually a broken misreading of how we use music on YouTube.
  • Gawker: Kanye West Knows You Think He Sounded Nuts On Kimmel – In a truly provocative and personal piece, Cord Jefferson explains why understanding racism is important to understanding the ways in which we frame Kanye “rants.”
  • Talkhouse: Jana Hunter on King Krule – In the process of reviewing the new King Krule album, Jana Hunter of Lower Dens goes in on music criticism and makes us all better for it.  I’m not sure I agree with all of it — otherwise I probably wouldn’t be publishing any words on the internet — but it’s important to be checked into the glass and reevaluate your position. Be sure to check on Nitsuh Abebe’s response.
  • Noisey: There’s No Emo Revival You Just Stopped Paying Attention – In lighter news, Dan Ozzi gives a side-eye to the recent glut of pro-emo pieces in the internet press. As someone who has been a loyal, if beleaguered, follower of Tim Kasher I kinda dig what he’s saying.
  • Medium: Hog Callin In The Motel Blues – Michael Wilkeson Thompson with a brief, but poetic, rumination on jazz & Rahsaan Roland Kirk.
  • NPR: Pusha T On Fronting, Responsibility and Kanye  – With his highly anticipated album looming, Pusha T gives a really in-depth interview to Microphone Check hosts Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Frannie Kelly. I know it’s not technically music writing, but it’s a detailed interview that sets the bar high for My Name Is My Name .

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