[Video] Madonna Covers Elliott Smith’s “Between The Bars”

So this is weird. When a gigantic pop star appropriates a beloved indie classic, the knee jerk reaction is to give it a suspicious side-eye. “What’s the motive here? What are you really getting at?” 

I’m not sure that’s the appropriate response here, though. Madonna, in her current MDMA-pandering stage, doesn’t really need any indie cred, and she’s on-record about the love of the song for years now. The culture shock is still hard to erase. I have a feeling that most of the people who have an attachment to this song associate it with memories of walking home with headphones, or driving at night, or lying in bed with the shades drawn. Not necessarily high art, high fashion glamorous launch parties for short films. But hey! We’re all fans! More power to you.

It’s kind of a rough cover though. A little milked for theatrics.

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