[Video] Arcade Fire – Reflektor

A new single, a new album. Grammy award winning indie rock pillars Arcade Fire are back with “Reflektor,” and two new music videos to go along with it: one a traditional, Vevo-branded clip and another one that continues their tradition of progressive, innovative interactive music.

Eagle-eyed fans will remember two other Arcade Fire music videos that pushed the boundaries of what we consider a music video: the Neon Bible  era interactive flash video and the similarly Google Chrome-assisted video for “We Used To Wait” that used Google Street View to hit you with nostalgia bombs of your childhood home.

The “gimmick” this time is actually multi-platform: using your webcame and a hooked up tablet/smart phone, you can manipulate the many video effects on their music video for “Reflektor.” The video portrays a young Haitian dancer and her whimsical trials with mirror men and torch bearers before her eventual breakthrough into the real world.

It’s probably a more apt use of Google Chrome’s HTML5 tricks as the song deals with the false connections of our digital age — what we think is a connection is just a screen that reflects back at us.

Click above to see the normal Vevo music video, but really, if you have a webcam and Google Chrome you ought to see the real thing at justareflektor.com .


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