[New Song] Paul McCartney – New

One year after his heavy-handed yet sentimental standards album, Sir Paul has released plans for an album of new material, New, along with an eponymous single to satiate fans. An effervescent song as any, McCartney has unsurprisingly yielded another great effort. Still charming as his debut on the Ed Sullivan Program, the 72-year-old McCartney has certainly not run out of steam. The harpsichord-laden track sounds reminiscent of a session from 2004’s Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, or even material cobbled from the remnants of an outtake from Revolver.

McCartney’s candor is ripe as ever with lines such as “Well I was searching for a rock/You came along/Then we were new.” Yet, Paul is the type of musician who can create affable music without verging into the territory of being twee – he has undoubtedly proved to be one of the masters of it. In any case, it’s great to see Sir Paul in the studio yet again with an album of all new material. “New” may serve as McCartney’s next great silly love song, and nothing is wrong with that in the slightest. “New” is comforting, warm, and familiar of a McCartney classic long past.

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